I became a New yorker

Living in New York has opened my mind to many new things, started when I had to learn how to use the subway instead of spending thousands of dollars on Uber.  So yes, I am that snob, I don’t like the subway, too many stairs, to many people, too many smells, but anyway, I had to learn, so I did. 


Now nothing can stop me from going anywhere, well yes, laziness can.  Living in New York sometimes is rough, I am always debating between should I go to the party, or should I stay and just ignore the fact that I live in the city that never sleeps and all I think about is just watch Netflix in my bed.  But I am in that age where I do whatever I want, so I never feel bad for not going somewhere.

But yes, every day in New York is an adventure, I just step out of my apartment and I don’t know where life will take me,  several times I force myself to do something in the city and I end up having the time of my life… oh and I love the trend that parties start early, and they finish early, that fits perfectly with my lifestyle.

Sometimes the weather doesn’t help at all, If it rains I don’t want to go out, if it snows…. Well forget it, don’t count on me, I still have that primitive thought of staying home and don’t face the climate, or face it from my home with a hot chocolate in hand.

Anyway, living in New York has opened my mind to many new things, I am not afraid anymore of anything, and I have found myself enjoying every second of my life, far from everything and close to everything, just walking in the streets of the city is a delight, watching people passing by, all the different faces, all the crazy outfits, the unbalanced life of vagabonds versus the people in their Roll Royce.

The diamonds in the windows and the $1 dollar pizza place, the wealthiness and the poorness all together in the same street, and yet, life goes on, everyone lost in their own thoughts.   

I just love New York City where life has been a rollercoaster, and I like it, adventures!

Every day, adventures!

Martha Phillips aka Girl du Monde 


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