Shein in controversy

Undercover Investigation reveals shocking conditions for Shein’s Factory Workers


 Shein label

Fast fashion giant Shein is no stranger to controversy. The company sells poor quality clothing at very low prices, steals intellectual property, and perpetuates disposable fashion.

Shein is currently under investigation for issues related to labor abuse. However, new reports show that his sinister practices reach even further than we thought. The investigation by Channel 4 and Inews uncovered wrongdoing following an undercover operation inside two factories in China. The salary is equivalent to 15 cents per article manufactured with 18-hour days with one day of rest per month, withholdings from wages and punishments with severe fines. In one factory, workers used their lunchtime to wash their hair because they had no other free time to maintain basic hygiene needs.

For a company recently valued at $47 billion ahead of an initial public offering in 2022 and with a customer base of more than 43.7 million people, paying a worker 15 fils is not only absurd, but also unfair.The Channel 4 documentary about the investigation Untold: Inside the Shein Machine will air next Monday, on Channel 4’s All4 on-demand channel.

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