HA HA HA. Gucci + Harry Styles

The new collaboration between Gucci and Harry Styles inspired by a deep friendship. Gucci launched a new collaboration with Harry Styles, inspired by the friendship between the artist and the brand’s creative director, Alessandro Michele. The title of the collection “Gucci HA HA HA” takes its name from the play on words between their initials and the English translation of the onomatopoeia of laughter “hahaha”.

The title is visible in the prints and labels of the garments that make up this collection that has resulted in an aesthetic melting pot, varying from the preppy, the bohemian, the textures and silhouettes of the 70s to postmodern elements, in which the Gucci’s goal of redefining the conventional formulas of elegance in men’s Haute Couture.


Made up of a variety of jackets, shirts, coats, pants and accessories that seek to create the “ideal wardrobe” by combining small curiosities with childhood visions, an idea that arose during a phone conversation between Styles and Michelle. Uses bright and playful prints from acronyms that name the collection, to cherries on different gingham motifs and Scottish tartan patterns in bright yellow, red or blue colors in classic and sober earth tones.

A wide range of classic British tailoring and many other basic garments. Jackets, lounge sets, traditional Scottish kilts. All been reimagined using joy and romanticism, two concepts very present in the collection.

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