Yoga in Palapa Magica and CasaZen

No matter where in the world they are or what experience they face, Yoga people come together as a community of love in many parts of the world.

Palapa Mágica and CasaZen are two special Yoga spots; one in the heart of Los Cabos, Mexico and another in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Palapa Magica. A comprehensive experience in Baja California

It is a very special shala. Palapa Magica is a experience guided by Azul and Félix Abarca. In addition to the practice of Yoga, you learn astrology in a very clear and special way. Azul is adamant that in this shala not going to compete or practice from ego. You are going to focus on yourself and listen to your heart.

At the end of the Yoga practice it is very special to open your eyes with an illumination that gives a lot of peace, harmony and confidence. This experience creates a need to thank the Universe for being there and makes you want to always want to return to continue learning how to go towards your heart with the help of Azul and Félix, who give you a magical experience and make you feel at home. I invite you, if you have the opportunity to attend, to do so. You can write and ask for information on their social networks and they answer you instantly.

CasaZen in the most mystical area of Costa Rica

It is a shala in the heart of the most trendy island for surfer and Yogi community. In the middle of the jungle, you can hear the sounds and observe a very unique landscape for its thousands of colors that feed the soul. The levels of practice are impressive as well as the diversity of types of practice. Another incredible point is that they add you to their community and consider you for activities that add to planet Earth and show you how to contribute from the heart with a grain of sand.





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