The love between RBD and Brazil

For some it may sound a bit exaggerated to hear that RBD competed with Madonna or The Rolling Stones, but the reality is that they surpassed them by filling one of the largest stadiums in Brazil.

In 2006 they played in front of more than 450,000 people at the legendary Maracaná stadium. In fact, the experience there was so strong that on October 8 when ‘RBD Tour Brasil’ close in that stadium and it was used to film the RBD Live in Rio DVD.

Last year RBD’s music was added to the wide range of lists that can be found on Spotify. Surprisingly, in just one week, they reached 60 million listens.

But that was not all, after the boys announced their return, their CDs returned to the most famous music stores in Mexico. Quickly, in a matter of days, the five albums were positioned within the Top 10 of the best sellers.

Obviously the fever for this band has not ended and will surely continue to surprise for many more years.

This week the group is a trend topic. The pressure from the fast to continue the world tour is greater every day. Regarding the absence of Poncho Herrera, which initially made a lot of noise, today it goes unnoticed.

How proud Mexico is of what RBD has achieved in the world of entertainment.

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