The Princess of Wales mourning ensembles

Prince Catherine, Princess of Wales attends with her husband, Prince William to the Festival of Remembrance, the annual commemorative concert dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in conflict.
Remembrance Day honors those who died while in the armed forces, and there will be several events where the royal family honors late veterans throughout the weekend. Kate, Princess of Wales, attended the annual show alongside husband Prince WilliamKing Charles IIIQueen CamillaPrince EdwardDuchess SophiePrincess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence.
More than one year after the queen’s death, the Princess of Wales has been trying to rework her image within the royal family.
The Princess of Wales, wore a triple-strand pearl necklace, which appeared to be from the late queen’s jewelry collection. She paired the jewelry with a black dress and a traditional red poppy pin while at Royal Albert Hall in London for the Festival of Remembrance.
Pears were a favorite of Elizabeth’s, who received a triple strand from her father King George IV for his coronation. The late king also gave Elizabeth a pearl every year for her birthday so that she had an elegant necklace by the time she turned 18.Kate’s necklace appears to be the same one she previously wore from the monarch’s iconic collection at a lunch with Commonwealth leaders at Buckingham Palace two days before the queen’s state funeral in September 2022.
Whether it was an intentional homage or not, it wouldn’t be the first time a member of the royal family has used their jewelry to honor someone’s memory. The Princess of Wales has also worn many pieces that once belonged to Princess Diana including her sapphire and diamond engagement ring and the Lover’s Knot tiara.
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