Rodrigo Salomon

This Gallerist/Filmmaker has been living in his TriBeCa loft since 1974 and has hosted film, theater and dance performances, and art exhibits. The success of these art activities created an organic synergy that met the artist’s need to expose their work to their peers and the public in a non-conventional setting. Although set in a live/work loft typical of artists’ lofts in Tribeca, it soon became an artistic hub that led to founding Salomon Arts Gallery with his wife Gigi in 2003.

Co-director Gigi Salomon is an architectural designer and city planner with a master degree in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute.

Her focus is community planning and development through art and culture. She and Rodrigo are currently making a video documentary of pioneering artists who created an artist community in TriBeCa, New York City.

Salomon Arts mission is to provide comprehensive curatorial exhibitions that offer a forum for established artists to germinate and articulate their individual visions for the diffusion of contemporary art to a local and international audience.  Our focus is to layout a perspective where the processes of innovation and exhibitions are specifically selected for their aesthetic integrity to enlighten the viewer as well as to promote artistic works from a broad spectrum of cultures.

Exhibitions are presented in a variety of disciplines from painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, poetry readings, photography, and film to dance and music. Currently at the gallery is presenting the artworks of the Cuban Artist Carlos Quintana.

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