FANCY and Funky by Jocelyn Yanez

Take note of the trend and its seal of approval from the likes of Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa and Addison Rae, so why not make your mirror selfies that much cuter with a string of your own. The Mexican Jocelyn Yanez has a new proposal for your cell phone, FANCY and Funky


“I always had a hidden talent that I discovered over the years: that of creating. Living in my world of colors and being a fashion lover, I projected my passion in bracelets and necklaces made with beads, mixing shapes, colors and textures with unique pieces that I bought everywhere in the world where I traveled, that’s how My desire to create and design something new and “fancy” was born – Jocelyn Yanez

Her first designs were with an Italian brand that was based on acrylic, where she created some very colorful and extravagant strings. Shortly after, in 2019, came the long-awaited trip that he takes every December with his family, to ski in La Villa in Alta Badia, a few kilometers from Bolzano, an Italian province where there are quite a few Swarovski due to its proximity to Austria. . It was there that the idea of her took hold and became something more tangible. Jocelyn was sure that the glass would be the element that would make the difference.

During that vacation, her mind began to fly, creating a thousand designs at once. Combining shapes, colors and textures, but unable to land one. The only thing she was sure of was the different sizes she was going to design: wristlet, med and crossbody; She felt that it was something that did not exist and that it was really useful, comfortable and looked very cool in any outfit.

Materialize the idea

She returned to Mexico and the first thing she did was capture what came to her mind in drawings. Little by little creating the designs of the strings.

“The first one I drew was the Cube Wristlet String, even without colors, but if I was sure of one thing, it was that this Phone String was going to be the best seller and that I probably had to make it in a larger size so that it would be something.” Just like The new bag then the Iconic cross body cube string emerged” – Jocelyn Yan

She mixed: roundelle, bicone, cube and Japanese seed beads and colors until the Jolly Rancher, the Rainbow and the Marie Antoniette emerged, inspired by the spring colors of the Palace of Versailles and the fashion of the 18th century where everything They were sophisticated dresses and styles.

After the design and manufacture of the 39 strings of the “Fancy and Funky Collection”, they were divided into collections called: “Round”, “Occhio” and “Cube”, where our iconic typographic names are found: Dijon, Jolly. Rancher, Caramel, Oreo, Féline, Marie Antoniette, Smoke Grey, Rainbow.

This project was born with the idea of innovating and applying new trends for something of daily use such as the mobile phone since it is compatible with any case of any phone model.

How to use it?


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