Spas. The best 6 in San Miguel de Allende

Let your body and mind travel through endless relaxing sensations in the 6 best spas in San Miguel de Allende.

Feel Urban Spa by Live Aqua, Sense, A Rosewood Spa, Iris Spa, Queen Bee Salon Spa, Laja Spa and Float Sano will give you a luxurious experience to your senses with their serene atmosphere and revitalizing magic.


Feel Urban Spa by Live Aqua

Eight massage rooms, sauna, steam room, showers, relaxation areas and an extraordinary swimming pool, this spa is a refuge to rediscover the perfect balance between mind and body, release tension and enjoy with all the senses. Feel how your body reaches balance and how your mind relaxes and becomes focused in this spa.

Sense, A Rosewood Spa

It is a haven of tranquility that offers an unparalleled sensory journey with treatments inspired by local culture and innovative techniques. This spa delights with revitalizing experiences from therapeutic massages to personalized rituals. This spa is a sanctuary of wellness.

Laja Spa

Inside Casa de Sierra Nevada A Belmond Hotel, this spa, named in a tribute to the Laja River, promotes natural healing through a wide variety of holistic beauty therapies. It has spacious colonial-style treatment rooms where you will feel relaxed and radiant.

Queen Bee Salon & Spa

Under its motto of “Everyone deserves to be treated like royalty,” this spa takes care of your skin, face and body with natural treatments of the highest quality. Not only does it offer beauty treatments, it also provides experiences that nourish the body and uplift the spirit.

Float Sano

This family business has as its origin the fight against stress, anxiety and insomnia. It is a holistic health spa specializing in proven services, which takes relaxation to new heights with flotation therapies. Immerse yourself in salt water tanks to release tension and stimulate the mind

Iris Spa

At Hotel Dos Casas there is a focus on beauty and harmony. This boutique spa is focused on “mindbodygreen”, a wellness ecotourism concept. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of serenity and renew your body and mind with exclusive experiences.

Discover the magic of San Miguel de Allende through its world-renowned spas. From the elegance of Feel Urban Spa by Live Aqua to the innovation of Float Sano, every corner offers a unique wellness experience in this enchanting destination. Come and discover what your body and mind need.

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