She invoices… but evades taxes

Shakira appeared at the Barcelona prosecutor’s office, accepting her guilt in the crime of tax evasion. With this, the Colombian singer evaded trial.

Shakira admitted that she committed tax fraud and will pay seven million euros to avoid going to prison.

The Barcelona prosecutor’s office requested an eight-year prison sentence, but Shakira’s legal team reached an agreement on the condition that the Colombian singer accept a three-year prison sentence. By paying a fine of four hundred and thirty thousand euros, she will avoid going to jail.

According to Shakira’s legal team, the singer chose to avoid trial so she could focus on her career and caring for her children. A tax trial in Spain has an average of 13 hearings and lasts an average of six months, a situation that would directly affect Shakira’s artistic work.

Negotiate for peace

“Winning is not worth it if it costs you years of your life,” Shakira commented in a statement.

This is not the only legal problem in which the singer is immersed. Shakira has another investigation for tax fraud of six million euros from 2018. Shakira publicly stated that she will do whatever it takes to prove her innocence.

“This is an example of the fiscal terrorism that exists in Spain,” Spanish journalist Federico Jimenez Losantos commented in support of Shakira in the Crónica Rosa segment of his morning radio show Es la Mañana. “It is an extortion like those committed by the mob”declared the controversial Spanish journalist.

How will her legal situation affect Shakira’s career?

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