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Her designs are objects of desire. Now expand the brand with a line of accessories and ready to wear


Dan Cassab originally from Mexico City. Her interest in the world of fashion arose from a very young age. She grew up in a family of cloth merchants of Arab origin. A pampering grandmother who brought him fine imported garments, and the fact that he spent his childhood in his father’s denim factory, influenced him to study a degree in denim design. fashions at Parsons School of Design, in New York City, and a degree in Art History.

“Fashion has always been in my life, it is in my daily life, it is part of my essence. It is more of a passion than a dedication.”  The idea for the brand arose after her time at Voz México, where she worked as a stylist. “The singer J. Balvin asked me to design a leather jacket for him. The acceptance of this was such that from that moment on, an infinite number of orders began to reach me.” It was then that in mid-2016 she decided to create her own brand of leather jackets: DanCassab.

Dan Cassab explains that the inspiration for each design comes from listening to a song, reading a book, watching a movie and of course what illustrates me the most is a good trip. Jackets are luxury pieces handcrafted from the highest quality materials. “Anyone should have a classic Biker in their wardrobe and what the brand has is a different touch, a different design and super original leather colors.”

The brand

Dan Cassab started in November 2016 and since then it has become the object of desire season after season. There are some designs that have become classic pieces season after season. Her designs are pieces for men and women, lovers of luxury, those self-confident, empowered people who appreciate craftsmanship.

“The Dan Cassab jacket is produced with the best leathers, soft textures with designs that range from classic to modern,” Each piece, handmade by Mexican artisans has its own personality. For Dan, a jacket is an extension of the skin, it is a leading garment that can be worn in any month of the year.

To date, his designs have reached the hands of celebrities such as one of the most famous bloggers in Korea; Shakira, Maluma among others. His designs can be purchased in Mexico at his store located in Las Lomas, his website, Saks Fifth México, Avenue or Palacio de Hierro. Abroad he sells in different countries such as Switzerland, Dubai and the United States.

The challenges

The brand began making leather jackets, today they make complete collections and accessories due to the demand that customers began to request pieces that complement their look. “We have had a lot of growth since the beginning, people have reacted incredibly to the brand from the beginning. We have clients who started purchasing jackets and are now collectors.”

She says that they have been very successful with the accessories line, especially glasses and bags. She confesses that the biggest challenge has been positioning the brand in a market where there is a lot of competition. “Even so, we have created an incredible community of people who love DanCassab pieces and return season after season to purchase new items.” If you are going to invest in one of their pieces, they recommend starting with a black piece since black leather jackets are a classic and essential in our wardrobe since we can always combine them.

Daniela in brief:


Favorite city: New York

Designer: Rei Kawakubo

Mantra: Seek the light in all things…

Higher fear: Only love

Greater desire: Many

It piece: DanCassab Jacket

Fashion is: Art, inspiration, a way to channel your personality every day.

Favorite book: The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

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