5 de febrero de 2023

Love. PHOTO. Jackson David

The woman In My Life

I fell in love with the woman in my life, my alter ego: Girl du Monde, this character is the most demanding person I have ever met.

2019 was a breaking point in my life, I decided to give up on love and just concentrate on my career. So I fell in love with myself, actually not myself but my alter ego: Girl du Monde, the woman in my life. This character is the most demanding person I have ever met, I won’t deny it.

Martha Phillips. Bubbles & Cherries Fashion Editor, Girl du Monde’s Founder & Creative Director, Fashion Designer & Stylist

The woman in my life. She makes me happy, she makes me cry, she makes me want to give up on my dreams. While she makes me proud, she also makes me feel like the most miserable person in the world. I give her everything: time, love, money, patience, sleepless nights and I am available for her 24/7.

She keeps on asking for more and more, and I continue to give her everything. I love her so much. She has and always will be the best date I’ve ever had. She is always with me, and she never disappoints.

When this character arrived to my life, everything changed. She developed her own personality and her own character. Is funny, happy, fearless and she does the things I do not dare to do. She is a boss, she is, “The Boss”.

Girl du Monde (center) with her models


Very strict and demanding, perfection is her goal in every everything she does. I don’t know if this kind of love for yourself grows when you arrive to certain age, I know she has been inside of me forever, but I never let her out.

Having this alter ego is fun because it’s like having your own clone and being able to share experiences together. She was buried inside me for a while but came out while under a lot of pressure and when life was at the edge. Suddenly, in those difficult times something wonderful happened and everything changed-Girl du Monde arose.

So now, several years later, she became the woman I want to be. I hope in time both of us become the same person: fearless, strong, unbeatable, always with eyes on the goal, and never giving up. She is focused and her standards are very high, making everything more difficult as not everything is perfect, especially humans.

Don’t follow the “society’s rules”

Being alone is great, because you are actually not alone, you are with yourself, and you trust yourself and you love yourself, so enjoy being with you!

The stigma of being with someone is just that, a stigma, many times you are not with the right person, and you just keep on because you think that being with someone wrong is better than being alone.

Love. PHOTO. Jackson David

Don’t follow the “society’s rules”, they are made by unsatisfied people. Make your own rules and enjoy being yourself with you!

Happy Valentines to me, myself and I.

I love me!


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